Spassky  -  a Soviet grandmaster and future world chess champion (1969-72)  -  and Bronstein were pretty evenly matched. The game wasn t spectacular quality-wise  -  Anderssen was clearly the superior player  -  but its significance lies in the beauty of its finish. Later on, he managed to open that sector of the board and activate his pieces there, and it became apparent how far-sighted the rook move had been. In later matches Karpov no longer challenged him in this opening. Kasparov (black) employed his favourite Sicilian Najdorf defence, with which he scored brilliantly throughout his career. Norwegian Magnus Carlsen (right) finished against The World in striking fashion 3 BORIS SPASSKY vs DAVID BRONSTEIN Leningrad, 1960. Then his pieces flowed in on the light squares. 4 MAGNUS CARLSEN vs THE WORLD New York, 2009. Bronstein, also a Soviet grandmaster, narrowly missed out on becoming world chess champion in 1951 and was strong and creative marshall amplifier dating. Deep Blue made the sacrifice and followed up effectively.

Howard Staunton (right), an English master, was ahead of his time 9 STEFAN LEVITSKY vs FRANK MARSHALL Breslau, Germany, 1912. 8 GARRY KASPAROV vs VESELIN TOPALOV Wijk aan Zee, Holland, 1999. You don t see many games like this nowadays, because leading players are more defensively aware. 6 BOBBY FISCHER vs BORIS SPASSKY Reykjavik, 1972. A piece up, he made a very bold move, putting his queen open to capture by two separate pawns. It s a serious game that was probably part-inspired by one between two lesser chess masters, Roesch and Schlage, in 1910. On paper, The World had a reasonable chance, but with three players advising it s difficult to form a coherent plan. Kasparov (black) employed the Caro-Kann defence, not one he normally used: he didn t believe the computer could make the necessary early sacrifice. If he had captured Marshall s queen, mate would swiftly have ensued against him. He was, for instance, unhappy about cameras being present in 1972; Spassky largely acquiesced to ensure that the match happened.

Their suggestions were put to a live vote on the internet. ), Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France) and Judit Polgar (Hungary) marshall amplifier dating. 1 DEEP BLUE vs GARRY KASPAROV New York, 1997..
. The game began with Spassky (white) using the King s Gambit opening. The game ends after only 15 moves with HAL (black) announcing mate. 2 ANATOLY KARPOV vs GARRY KASPAROV Moscow, 1985. Anderssen, a German master, faced Kieseritzky, who became one of the four leading French masters of the age. The game turned on an unusual choice of Kasparov s on his 23rd move, putting his rook on a square that on the face of it seemed to offer few prospects. Anderssen gave up almost all of his forces: both rooks, a bishop and then his queen. .


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